Clients’ Rights and Responsibilities


  • To be treated with respect by counsellors, clients and staff.
  • To expect honesty from counsellors, clients and staff.
  • To have all information about self kept confidential (except when covered by law or agency policy).
  • To expect that all assigned activities are fair and reasonable.
  • To expect that all meetings will begin on time.
  • To discuss concerns about any aspect of the treatment program with a counsellor.
  • To personal safety.
  • To decide when to leave treatment.


  • To treat all clients, counsellors and staff with respect.
  • To express feelings and opinions honestly.
  • To keep all personal disclosures that occur in group sessions confidential and to accept the consequences should any personal information be disclosed.
  • To participate to the best of one’s ability in all activities assigned by counsellors.
  • To arrive clean and sober for meetings.
  • To make the commitment to attend all sessions and to phone in advance if unable to attend.
  • To respect the personal safety of others.
  • To make a commitment towards your personal goals.
  • To own your own problems.