Success Stories

The DEW program was an amazing experience!  It taught me so many wonderful things and I made a lot of great friends.  I wish this program was available to all women.  The world would be a much greater place.  T.G.


An example of what keeps the staff at Pathways going through thick and thin:

Had anyone told me fifteen years ago that I would have the life I have today, I would not have believed them. I got clean in Kelowna , March of 1997. I arrived at this recovery house angry, scared, and entitled, with a 30 day plan in mind. I just needed some respite, a chance to rest and regroup before I went back out there. I had no intention of connecting with my peers or the staff, but it happened. It was the first time in my life I had experienced unconditional love and acceptance and it helped me to let my guard down just a little. Through being kicked out of treatment, early recovery relationships (*shudder*), and prematurely returning to my home community, my Counsellor was ALWAYS there, with no judgement and a lot of love, which again was something I hadn’t experienced.

Although I stayed clean I struggled to feel okay emotionally and mentally. I landed back at that recovery house at eleven months clean because I just couldn’t figure out how to be in the world and be okay. Jeanni said to me one day as we were sitting in her office, in the most gentle and loving way, “Do you think maybe it’s time you start talking about your trauma?” And that was when the work started.

I struggle with remaining emotionally honest and willing, but I used the supports I had created and continued to do the work in spite of myself. I went to University using a very ‘one day at a time’ approach, and now I am fortunate enough to do for others what Jeanni did for me. I have a beautiful son, an amazing relationship, and some people in my life who have me back regardless of what’s happening. And I have faith, a faith that I have come to trust and rely on even when things aren’t going my way. And let’s be honest, I still have a lot of really great ideas. Recovery really is the easier, softer way.

– Darci B.